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About Us

My name is Kevin and I started Mikey's Mix Ltd. I was diagnosed with Celiac in 2017 and wasn't left with many flavorful snacking options. My son Mikey and I started making snack mix in our kitchen at home and he loved it so much we named it after him!

Mikey's Mix is made at Chef Beau's Klean Kitchen in LaGrange, Illinois. Mikey's Mix is made in small batches using gluten free ingredients and freshly ground spices from The Gourmet Spice Company. We ship anywhere in the United States and offer local pickup and delivery. Thanks for checking us out!

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Starting with freshly ground spices is how we give Mikey's Mix it's irresistible taste!


Next we mix everything together in small batches to ensure the high quality of Mikey's Mix!

Finished Product!

Once Mikey's Mix has been baked to perfection and cooled, it's ready to be packaged up!

I literally cannot get enough. I love mixing the two together!

Kate, New York, NY

It's amazing! Love that the hot is actually hot.

John, Chicago, IL

Mikey's Mix does not last long in our household. The perfect amount of spice and crunch!

Cindy, Naples, FL

Kids love it!

Brian, Western Springs, IL

I like that it's a gradual increase in hotness, if that was by design, brilliant!

Bobby, Western Springs, IL

Mikey's Mix Ltd.

The perfect snack for any occasion!